Push the boundary…Prove ’em wrong

Well, it’s Saturday, for my family and I that means church (most of the time). If we don’t go that usually means we’re really busy. Sometimes, I don’t feel well so someone stays with me while everyone else goes. Fortunately, today has been one of my better days, I’m hoping we go tonight cause I love going to church. My church family always have something uplifting to say it brightens my day. I thank God for the people in my life!

Nothing opened my eyes to their encouragement more then my youth group trip to Lake Shasta, Ca. That trip took a lot of planning and patience for all involved.They weren’t sure if I would even be able to do any aciivity so they let me have as much supervised swim time as possible. However, on the last `couple days of our trip, my pastor came to me and asked if I would like to experience tubing. I answered, “absolutely.” So he took me through the do’s & don’ts of the sport and off we went tubing on the lake when we came back everyone was so proud of me. I was so proud of myself, I went 3 more times before we headed home.
Today, I look at that story as one of my greatest accomplishment, because God gave me and the others the strength to push boundary and prove to all who were sceptics, that they were mistaken. I will succeed!

1st time tubing EVER at
Lake Shasta, CA

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