Your goals are achievable!

So, its been a few days since I’ve posted. I have had a couple busy days, but it’s starting to slow down some. I been trying to prepare to get back to school…and it’s taken  a bit of time. I attend my local community college. I’ve just started a new term there, and it’s been an adjustment doing everything independently without the help and support of an IA (Iinstructional Aid) on campus. But, so far I’m managing on my own, with the support and love of my family. I am very grateful for them, because even when I  don’t have faith in myself they do.
 I wanna share something that opened my eyes to this. The other night my little brother and I were sitting around talking and in the middle of conversation, he says, “you know Sam, I have faith that someday you will walk without all this medical crud.” and as the end of this talk he says, “you know I want you walking independently by my wedding.” As I sat there suddenly bawling, I answered, “why?” He continued, “because I believe in you” “if you work at it in pt you could make it happen.” This conversation reminded me that if I set a goal for myself, that it is achievable. So, if you think that a disability or down fall can hold you back, let this be the story be your reminder that your goals are achievable!


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