Be someone’s inspiration!

Inspiration comes in many forms. Often we have more than one thing that inspires us, don’t we? Whether it be a person, music or book we all have those things that inspire us. Many people find us, those with disabilities, inspirational. While I am constantly flatterd by this, I always find myself wondering why? Because I consinder myself average, like everybody else. But, so many people I meet see me as so much more. Most often the questions asked are: “how do you cope?” or “how are you always smiling?” And, the answers are simply: “I’ve never known any different, so I just press on.” and “because, I know I will get through all the crappy stuff.” But to be honest, I wouldn’t get through any of what I do without my faith in Christ.
I have been asked to speak at different local event since I was young. There are lots that were impacting, but none more then one of my first. I was asked to speak to a class of preschoolers. I don’t know why this one made such an impact on me. Well, except that it made me understand that a lot of people are curious. So, I would challenge you to share your story. Teach others about something they may not know much about. Chances are good that they will take something positive from it. Be some one’s inspiration!


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