Have you ever been so determined to do something, nothing was gonna stop you? I know I have. We all have those moments, I think. Determination is one of those qualities that can help you conquer the tough stuff. I know for me, at times, it’s been a driving force to do lots of things. One constant incidence of this is my physical therapy. I don’t always like it… I’ll be honest. But, I am determined to do well because, I want to get better.
Now, remember I said it helps to get through tough stuff? Well it does. The way it works, (for me), is to turn fear into determination. For example, say your going in for surgery and your scared. Instead of the classic, “I’m scared” Make a goal for yourself like “When I’m recovered I will…” Setting a goal works in 2 ways, it gets you thinking of something other than surgery and it gives you something to strive for later.
That’s just one example of how determination can play a factor in life, there’s a thousand more out there. Just remember to keep telling yourself “I can”, “I will” and most importantly, “failure IS NOT an option”.


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