Small victories matter big

I remember when I was around ten one of my older cousins had come over to my house with her newborn son. I spent most of the day on the floor playing with him. This wasn’t out of the norm for me, as I got around on my hands and knees every day at the time. Anyway, as the day came to a close I was asked to help place him back in in his baby seat. So, knowing this would be a bit of a challening task, I sat down next to the seat indian style to help balance myself.
My mom, who was watching me perform this otherwise ordinary task, was stunned. This was the 1st time in my whole life I had been able to sit indian style unsupported. And so, (of course), like any mom would, she pulls out the camera to capture this long- awaited first. Yes, for all who are curious I still have the photo. Through that experience and so many others in life. I have learned that even the small victories matter big. So don’t them for granted.


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