You are NOT a burden, you are a BLESSING!

Hey guys! I am feelin’ a bit better so I figured I’d blog some.
 So, I’ll be the 1st  to tell anyone who asks that having a disabiliy isn’t a walk in the park. It’s painful and often depressing. Yet, we’ll still press on cause that is all we have known. So often being disabled can mean we have asked for help, and sometimes it’s for uncomfortable things, isn’t it? That can bring on feelings of gult  like “I’m a burden on whoever is helping me.” I’m sure many of you understand what moment that I am talking about. When I get like this and start apologizing to them, my mom and aunt will tell me I have nothing to say ‘I’m sorry’ for and that I am a blessing not a burden on them. So the next time you feel a burden on someone, remember that you are a blessing in the lives of your loved ones, you are not a burden on them.


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