"The healthiest response to life is joy"~Deepak Chopra

One of my greatest joys & blessings in life is the ability to help others. No experience is more telling of this or more meaningful to me then the chance to get to assist in my high school’s Special Day Class classroom. Like others students who assisted in that room I was mainstreamed so I couldn’t be there all day. But, the time I did spend in there opened my eyes to a more joyful world that would forever change my perspective on severely disabled people. I was able to help with only the small things, but later learned that those small chores would lead to some special relationships with the staff and connections with the students that would later make a even greater impact on my life. Like many on the outside looking in, at first, I couldn’t understand how a person in that had some many odds stacked against them would benefit from my being there to interact with them.
But the more time I spent with the students, I began to notice small daily miracles. Like one being more encouraged to roll himself over for the first time independently in a long time, just after I had had been by his side asking him how his day was. After getting the biggest grin out of him, I began to thank God that He gave me the chance to make such an impact on his day.
In closing, I would encourage you all to take a step back just for a moment in time to see the joy & blessings in you lives.


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