The true meaning of "normal" is undefined…Inclusion is key

By dictionary definition “normal” is this: conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural. But is this the true meaning of the word? My answer, no it isn’t, because so many of us face our own standard of normal in our every day. For example, most people walk with  their feet to get from one side of a room to the other. I don’t, I use my wheelchair. Now, that’s not the “usual” way people do it. But, it is the “usual” way I get it done. That is why I say that the true meaning of “normal” is undefined.
Life with a disability is generally a life dependent on other people. This makes independence hard to come by, and most would think it would make for a distorted sense of normal. When in fact this couldn’t be furthest from the truth. It depends regularly on the family/care giver’s attitude towards their loved one’s life. For instants, growing up, I was constantly encouraged to participate in things like sports with my siblings. At 4 years I was apart of a dance class with my sisters Savannah and Paradise. Between ages 4 & 6 I was also a mascot for two of my soccer teams. At 5 my sisters and I cheer leaded for a local team. I’ve also been apart of our local girl scouts until about age 7.
So, what is my point? My point is that as much as they’re able to, make sure you keep your disabled loved one is involved in as much as possible. I know for me growing up, the amount my loved ones fought for my inclusion in things, paid off. Because I wouldn’t trade my experiences in these activities for anything. They have allowed me to have a richer sense of the blessing that is life, and sense of  normal in a very abnormal situation. I would like to end this post with this thought, please remember that inclusion is key and it makes A WORLD of difference. 🙂


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