Meeting Marilyn Gould…when I realized I could touch people’s with one "Hello"

 This is the book that lead me to meeting Marilyn Gould.
No, the book isn’t written about me. But, I did find that I was able to make some real-life connections with the main character Jan as the story went on. It is about Jan, a girl with mild Cp, in the middle of transition from a special needs school to a mainstream school. You’ll have to find the book and read it I don’t wanna give it away. 🙂
Anyway, I met the author when I was in 2nd grade. She stopped at my school on a book tour. When in the middle of a school assembly our principal tells Mrs. Gould ” you know, we have a student that has Cp, like the character in Golden Daffodils.” As the author acted shocked, I was called up in front of the whole school. She then signed a copy of the book and hands it to me. That is a memory that will forever be burned in my mind, because taught me that you can touch lives with one “Hello”.


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