Joy can come come out of the most painful of circumstances

Hey guys! I hope every one’s having a good Saturday.
There are many times in my life when I have wondered why God puts people in my path, and then there are those times when I later know exactly why they were put in my path. Six year old Charisma Grace was one that I didn’t know exactly why until later, but to this day I think of her and wonder how she is.
In ’06 my family and I were told that a surgeon in Oakland, Ca would be able to surgically correct a problem I had with my knees. So, we met Dr. Scott Hoffinger, who agreed to my surgery and it was scheduled for 8/31/2006. The weekend before my surgery, we checked into The Family House (similar to Ronald McDonald House), across the street from the hospital. This where we met Sally, (her mom) and her two younger brothers. We learned that Charisma had a heart condition and would need a transplant. I later met Charisma when we were paired in the same room after my surgery, (which was a success).  She was this super cute tiny (no bigger than your average two year old) blonde hair, blue eyed little girl, who danced up and down our hallway hourly. 🙂
Anyway,  being her roommate taught me many things, but perhaps the greatest lesson is joy can come out of the most painful circumstances. I don’t know what happened to her past when I went home, but, I have faith that she made it through her surgery. If I could reconnect with her and see her today, I would tell her that I continue to pray for her and her family today. 🙂


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