There’s always someone who’s been there too.

Today, I wanna talk about 3 people that made an impression on my life. Two of them came into my life during my first year of church camp, as a fourth grader, they are Seth and Steven. The other, Luca, I met during my surgery recovery at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in Sacramento. You could say I met them by accident. But, looking back, I now know my experiences in these places would’ve been very different had I not met these 3 guys.  The one common thread we all share is that we all have CP.
So anyway, I’m gonna start with Sir Luca (as the nurses called him). He was an 8 year old boy and (as I’ve said) he too has CP. He had recently had surgery and was in recovery PT around the same time I was each day. He usually kept me and our PTs laughing. But there were those times when my heart broke for him, `because he would cry out in pain.
Anyway, this one morning in particular, Nurse Val was responsible for  the both of us. Me in the middle(facing the nurses nurses desk). Luca in the room to the left of mine. This was the morning I awoke to Luca arguing with those who went in to get him outta bed. Finally, I hear Val saying, “Luca, I’ll be back I have others to get up. ” and she walks into my room. Curiously, I ask “what was that about?” she then answers with, “Luca’s in pain and won’t get outta bed.” Then I say, “oh, let me deal with him, he’ll get up.” So, when I get in my chair dressed and such, I make my way to his room. I then say,” Mr. Luca, what’s your issue?” He then tells me what I had already been told. My response was less than sympathetic. “Bud, do you think I wanted to get outta bed today and go to PT?” “No, that’s right and now Miss Val says no play time down stairs if you don’t get your rear outta bed.” After finally getting him past his melt down, he called to Val and got dressed and outta bed and we headed down to PT together.
Now, I met Luca long after Seth and Steven. It was the summer of my fourth grade year when my mom said I’d be going to camp with my sisters this year instead of staying home with her, auntie, and grandma. I was kinda nervous as I hadn’t been before, but I was excited non-the-less. So, it was decided that a long-time friend of ours would go to aid me, so my sisters could enjoy camp as well.
To get me, everyone else, 2 different wheelchairs, special swim stuff and all our luggage to camp it took a lot. Several carloads of people and luggage, plus, my mom and aunt wanted to make sure that I could get around camp freely. As they helped to settle me in I was fine. It wasn’t until they went to leave that I asked, “Momma, will I be able to call every night, like at asthma camp?” When she answered “no, this is big people camp.” I began to get panic-y. It didn’t last long, maybe through that night.
A couple days in was when I met Steven at the pool. I was pleasantly surprised meeting somebody I could relate to there, on more than just a spiritual level. We talked any chance we got until we went our separate ways, at the end of camp. Seth was much more a different story. He was the videographer at camp. so he was everywhere there were camp activities happening. Ok…I’m not gonna lie…he gave me the creeps at 1st (before I knew his story). I had never seen a person with that bad of limp or that shaky before then. Anyway, one night before sanctuary time ended, the camp pastor had all available adults come to the front to pray with students. So, a lot of the adults volunteered, including Seth. I wanted to go up and pray, so, the aid and I headed up to the front. Coincidentally, I was paired with Seth. As he took me by the hands he turned to my aid and asked “what does she have?” shyly I answerd,”CP”. He then smiled and said, “really?” “you know, I grew up with CP and too, I still some today with it. then proceeded to pray that one day I be healed. From that day I never have been afraid to approach anyone again.
There is one lesson I would hope to give all of you who struggle in this world. It is that each of these stories taught me. With each meeting of Seth, Steven, and Luca, is  there’s always someone who’s been there too. 🙂


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