Moments of overwhelming faith :)

I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve been blessed in this life…But this I can say, that I’ve experienced a thousand miraculous moments as a result of those blessings. One of those miracle moments was what I call my “walking the bridge” moment. Because that’s exactly what I did…well, sort of. If you count independently walking across a kid’s (low to the ground) 2-foot toy bridge, in church no less.
Anyway, it was and always will be a big accomplishment for me! I was a freshmen in high school at the time, attending an ordinary Wednesday night youth group, (or so I thought). I don’t remember the lesson that night, but, I do remember Todd (my pastor at the time) saying something along the line of needing God that night. That if any of us needed Him that night to say a pray and then walk across this bridge. As if walking right into His arms. Little did I know that I would be compelled to participate in this exercise too. So, I went to Todd and said,” I wanna walk across the bridge.”  And (of course) he looks at me with an unsure face and says, “sweetie, are you sure?” “I mean if you fall….” (I stop him) “I can do this, Todd. I’m sure.” So, on we go across the room and once again he says, “you’re sure, you could back out now if you’re not.” (quietly) I say “yes sir, I am.” As I take a moment, to pray for guidance of my feet and that strength, Todd asks for my sisters to help stand me up. And then I say “let’s do this.” I am certain an angel had their arm around me the whole way. telling me softly, (above all those of my helpers) “keep going, follow me, all the way to Todd.” So, to Todd I walked, following the sweet voice, all the way to Todd, until finally I made it across, WITHOUT falling!
Once in the arms of Todd, I went limp at the knees, bawling because I had made my goal. Then I leaned my head to his chest, (still bawling),  and kept repeating “oh God, I did it. I actually made it.”  When I had a moment to look at his face, Todd too was crying and said “yes, you did baby girl. yes you did.” After I was calmed down, my sisters got me back to my chair and the night’s Bible lesson could continue.
I can’t really explain to you how that moment felt. Except to to say it must be how a baby feels taking their first steps. Those which are moments of overwhelming Joy. Except in my case they were moments of overwhelming faith in God. The Bible verse that would best sum up this story is Mark 9:23 which says this:”‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” The reason why is  that exprience showed me that if we place our faith in Jesus, He can make anything happen. 🙂
God Bless!


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