Sometimes a helping hand is comforting

I would like to share with you about one of the most giving, wonderful people in my life. That is my very own little brother, Billy Jacob. My brother does a lot for me daily basis, but that is not the root of why I consider him a very giving person.The root to this is because he is also one of the most selfless people I know. He has helped me get through some tough stuff yes, but I have also seen him go on mission trips with my church and make differences in the lives of perfect strangers. After a trip like this, some others I know would home and first tell the part they thought was hard, he has come home and told how God changed his life forever. Now, that’s not to say my other siblings haven’t come home and done the same. They have, I just could see a difference in Jake that I can’t quite explain. It’s as if God takes his heart and transforms it. So often he will goes away and comes back a much stronger more patient person. Anyway, I’d like to share one of my favorite life stories today. It is the story of our (yes, I said our) baptism.
The day was July 7, 2008, a Saturday. This event, like every other in my life took planning, even contingency planning. Once at the church, we took our seats until I was called back to the baptismal. Jake went back before me to see how he could place me into the baptismal. When that was decided, Pastor Todd (also my youth pastor at the time) called me back to be placed. Excited, I was all smiles. “Game on.” I thought.
“Are you ready sweetheart?” Todd asked. “Yes sir.” I answered. “Ok then… Billy, let’s get her in there.” After being lifted into the baptismal, my brother jumps in at my feet to help keep me supported in the water. After asking me the “have you excepted Christ?” question and my “absolutely”, Todd shares with the service my bridge moment a month prior. Then, together Jake and Todd take me under and back up. As everybody gives me congrats, I start bawling, in being proud of myself and because I was overwhelmed with the realization that I was finally saved! I still could not be more thrilled with that moment when I was baptized. 🙂 But, this story doesn’t end there. The next thing I know, my brother turns to Todd and says, “wait, Todd do think I could get baptized tonight too?” Every jaw hit the floor I’m sure. Because he shocked us all. “Are you sure?” When he answers “yeah” Todd agrees and says, “get your sis out and jump back in.” Next thing I know, I was watching my baby brother experience the joy that I just had. At that moment, I couldn’t be more proud of him!

That day and so many that followed taught me, not  only do I have the most giving brother, to give of his time and attention to help me when he could be in the audience watching. But, it also was the moment when I realized that sometimes a helping hand is comforting.
 My brother Billy Jacob
& my twin sister Savannah on a mission trip to Kona, HI

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