This is Conquering CP for real :)

fileId:3096224744040700;size:inter;Glenda Watson Hyatt has written a book entitled I’ll Do It Myself, which is now published and available for purchase. As someone who is writing her own book, I know that this is a  real accomplishment. But take into consideration that Glenda wrote this book typing with only her left thumb.
You see, Glenda has cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen at her birth. With what many would call “handicaps”, (unable to walk, limited use of her hands, and with speech that was difficult to understand) her parents had been advised to have Glenda institutionalized when she was a child. Luckily, her parents did not listen. Not only did Glenda manage to attend regular schools, she excelled, graduated from college, won awards as an equestrienne, got married and started her own business.

I was researching ‘authors with cerebral palsy’ in my google search engine for fun and out of curiosity. I didn’t think I’d come across anything so inspiring. As I read this article about Mrs. Watson Hyatt, I thought “what a great testament to what conquering CP is about, people with disabilities and the over comings of life’s obstacles.” This author is a perfect examples of that. I am so inspired by her.
If you would like to see a short Q&A on the article’s page please follow the link:


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