A Famous Statesman with Cerebral Palsy

stephen_hopkins_151Stephen Hopkins – Signed the Declaration of Independence and then led militias in defense of the United States against the British. He suffered from what is believed to be a mild case of cerebral palsy. History famously records that when he signed the Declaration he said, “My hand may shake but my heart does not.” He was a respected member of Congress and helped form America into the country it is today.

I love this one too. He proved that you can do things to change where you live no matter a physical state. I also love his quote in here. Remember that you to can have a hand in changing the place you live. Your disability does not matter in your ability to change this world!
To see his and other famous people (with CP) story please visit the link:http://www.overcoming-cerebral-palsy.com/store-famous-people-1.html


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