An amazing family

The Rood Family (Jen & Eric, Alyssa, Kyla & Logan)

The Roods are a family that I have come to know through my years at my church. The family is close to my heart many reasons. They are one of the most loving families I know, despite some very tough daily challenges. You see, eldest daughter Alyssa lives with 1p36 Deletion Syndome.It is the most common of genetic deletions. But so many go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed because so many are unaware of this disorder. This means she relies heavily on her family to  provide her needs.
So, anyway, as I said I came to know them through church. I later took a morning school bus with Alyssa. Here I was able to interact with her on a regular basis. Alyssa was often very quiet in the morning, playing the music recorder her family sent to school each day. I quickly learned that just seeing her happy smile in the morning made me happy.Being around Alyssa has taught me an important lesson in the humbles of joy and and the importance of patience in life.

Alyssa relaxed and happy by her family pool. 🙂

 Today, Alyssa continues to amaze her family and those around her. She does great! And is thriving from the love and support of friends and family. She continues to be a blessing to me and those closest to her each day:).


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