A good friend :)

If I asked, “what makes a good friend?” what would your answer be? Mine would be a patient, understanding person, who goes above and beyond the call of being a friend and is willingly and lovingly your soundboard when needed.I many wonderful friends that fit this disciption of friend for me. I could not ask for better ones. Many are like family to me and my family. Today, I wanna share about one of them, Audra. 
Audra and I are 23 days apart and much more like sisters then friends. She has Spina Bifida, while I have Cerebral palsy. But we find that we have many things in common. Because of this we (creatively) find ways to help each other with basic tasks.
When she stays over we are very much the typical teenage girls staying up all night talking, gigling and such. My aunt and mom say it amazes them though. because we are much like a set of twins. Becaause we know how to help one another without much cummunication. This is just one example of what an amazing friend she is, amoug a thousand other reasons. I am so blessed to have a friend like her. I love you Auds! 🙂                                                                   

Audra {left} Me {right}

My best friend Audra

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