Speaking my cp testomony

Throughout the years I have spoken to the members of my community and those around us about my condition. I started around age 5 talking to classes of pre-school students. That is when I realized that I had a gift for advocating. Because I wasn’t just teaching them how to respond to me. But also teaching how to treat, respect and respond to others with disabilities. Around 4th grade I began speaking with many of our local Scouts of America troops. Along with sharing what my daily life is like I encountered many more curious people, kids and parents alike. I definitely felt in over my head. But along with feeling overwhelmed, came a feeling of accomplishment. Because I handled everything well.
When I was 13 I had knee surgery. That was and remains to be an adventure for my family and I. As  I continue to make gains toward independence as result of surgery.You see, before I had surgery, I was unable to stand or walk for more than thirty seconds at a time. Now we are 6 years post-op and by God’s grace I continue to get stronger. So much so that I had a milestone happen just last night. I was able to walk (with 2 people assisting, one behind and one in front bracing my arms) from my room (in the back of my house) to the the front living room. 🙂


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