Living with cp :)

So, this evening I posted on my Facebook for post ideas. Because I had bad writer’s block & couldn’t put two sentences together. 🙂 Anyways, this friend had said how she’d love for me to write about what I go through. I write about my experiences a lot so I didn’t really know what she meant until I read a little further. She mentioned how she wanted to know how I cope mentally with my Cp. I got to thinking… and thought that I give opinions a lot and share my stories. But I do very little in the way of sharing my coping strategies or daily mental attitude towards living with my condition.
So I’m gonna try & give you guys a inside look into my thoughts in certain everyday circumstances. 🙂

I’ve never been suprised to hear that classic line of “Sam gets a (whatever) or does (whatever)” and my parents give an explaination. But we still get the “So…that makes (whatever) fair?” We all end up laughing… Now… in senarios like this I brush it off and laugh along and don’t think about it again. Because I know they’re poking fun & would go to bat for me if we were out and some idiot decided to use something I need as grounds to bag on me… & believe me people there’s a crowd of kids… so anyone who would be awful has a crowd to answer to… lol 🙂

There’s those situations where I’m able to laugh. But there’s also those moments in time where I feel inprisoned by my inability to perform my most basic everyday needs independently. Through those moments I thank God for my family. Who each in their own ways each help me through it. I don’t feel inprisoned by my blessing of Cp. I feel inprisoned by the things I have yet to adapt to me. You know, all throughout highschool, my aid told me something that really spoke to my heart. That was “I adapt the world to me…. I don’t allow the myself to adapt to this world. “


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