My perfect fairytale

I came across a post on  Facebook a while back that asked a question. It said “If you could turn your condition off for 6 months what would you do?” Of course I gave an answer because it’s nice to to think “what if?” But to be honest, I have learned over time how to adapt in the situation God has put me in. And dream of my perfect life that includes me in no other condition than this. Now, that’s not to say if my condition didn’t improve along the way that I wouldn’t be thrilled…I certainly would be grateful but that is not necessary for my dreams or life fulfillment.

I won’t lie, although I know that I don’t need to walk to fill my life to the full I still am very hard on myself when I have yet to adapt a skill to me… I hate when people say, “I haven’t learned how yet…” When the truth is, you’ve probably seen whatever it is done by someone before. You just have yet to attempt it for yourself. Anyway, you may be asking yourself “So, what is her perfect fairytale?” Well, that I don’t know for sure. However, I do know that I want my life to unfold how God intends. I know one day I want to marry and have kids. I also know that I want that man to love Jesus more then anything. So I guess that is my fairytale.

 But for now my perfect fairytale is being lived out. As long as I am surrounded by my big family and able to say to each one “I love you.” That’s all I wish for each one is that they know they are loved throughout this life. 🙂


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