Our hidden abilities

Last night I was sharing with my mom & aunt some of my blog writings. After I had read we continued talking and I said “You know guys, I have a hard time when people substitute the word disabilities with differently abled.” Where that’s true, I don’t always agree with that term. Just because I don’t have a skill society says I need, doesn’t make me any less able to obtain it. That part I do agree with. But, where society seems to be lost is this, that just because God takes something away of a “normal” person’s value doesn’t mean much. In fact, I’d care to say the value people put on their abilities to walk is worthless. They fail to realize that He hides other gifts in us to let us shine in other less common areas. The reason I say it means less to say He took something of “normal” value is because He is allowed to take whatever He pleases…hello… He is GOD!

left to right (Mia, Angela, Auti,Tiphany)
the Push Girls

I admire the “Push Girls” so much because each of them picked themselves up after something physically devastating. And they each began to unlock their hidden ability of strengeth. I truly believe they wouldn’t have that if God hadn’t thrown the roadblocks of paralizisis in their paths.


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