I am learning how to Truly & Successfully give God my everything

 1. I Am Trusting In God’s Perfect Timing & Outcomes

Learning how to truly and successfully lean on God with our everything can be a struggle right at first. It is just in human nature to try and make suggestions to God, or tell Him how something is or isn’t going to work & work in our favor most often. We fail to realize that we are powerless to predict the outcome of any life scenario. And that it is all in the more then capable hands of our BIG God. Instead we treat life as if it is one big probability equation. Where every outcome is predictable. Remember to trust God. The outcome is fitting to our needs. Even if it’s not what we thought we needed or what we wanted. God’s has the wheel. And His timing is always perfect!

2. I Am Learning Patience & Self Control

The subject of control & the want for more is one thing I struggle with daily. Not for the reasons the average person would say that. But because there is little you have control over when you are disabled and dependent on others to do for you. This is one of the those times and things I pray about often. I have found that I have to because I am often down on myself. I am also learning that listening for God’s response(s) to prayers is an an important part of truly and successfully leaning on Him. He does hear us but we don’t always hear Him back, or we choose to ignore Him. And He continues to teach me patience and self control in His own patient fashion.

3. Learning Acceptance & Listening to/for Him

This is among many things that strengthen my ever-growing acceptance of my disability. Just because a person has lived with a disability for a long time or since birth, this doesn’t mean they popped out of the womb accepting it. Especially if like in my case, all my siblings are able to walk and I am unable to.There are still days that my depression takes hold and I  have that feeling of ‘it’s not fair’. At times like that God always seems to come ‘on the line’ so to speak… He always says the same thing… “You are mine, my sweet girl. I designed you to be who are, exactly where you are. You are my girl.” Hearing that from my Eternal Father is a great feeling. 🙂

4. I Pray A lot!

I find the more I pray the more I am willing to be open with God. Open especially with things that have brought me a lot of heartache through the years. But also with the things that have brought me abundant joy as well. Remember that God desires a relationship with us. So why not be open with Him?


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