One of Gods greatest blessings in my life

Sometimes one or many person’s presence can help you heal or get strong again after a big medical ordeal, surgery or just simply a bad day in general. Along with my belief that one day God will grant me healing and strengeth in places where I need. I strongly believe this to be true as well. Why is this? Well, I’ve seen that happen 1st hand. When I’ve had “one of those days”, no one in my house seems to bring a smile to my face or give me a sense of “there’s a light at the end of this tunnel” more then youngest member. My precious 3 year old little nephew.

When he was born, my parents noticed that we developed a unique bond. When I would be in pain, I would ask to hold him. Something about holding him gave the ability to stay calm and allow the pain to go away. Even today, if I even have the look of pain in my face he wants to get in my lap and cuddle. Most would say, “he’s a baby…babies pick up on things like that.” I know that. But I truly believe that God is giving him the ability to help me in ways no medicine or other person can.

Another great example of our bond, is in the way we interact with each other. Also from a young “baby-hood” age, my parents also noticed something others would call “strange”.
You see, when he was born I knew some things would be diffcult to help with or done “out of the norm.” Everything from helping change dipers and clothes to lifting and carrying him around the house had to be nothing short of trial & error. Thankfully though, he learned quick how to help me help him. The amazing was that through the period of trial and error, where you’d expect a newborn to fuss while being pulled on and moved so much, he didn’t! 🙂 He was the most patient, laidback newborn I had worked with ever… 🙂 He is very patient now as well at three…Thank God! 🙂 ❤ This little guy has been one of God's greatest gifts and blessings in my life. ❤


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