First day of December! :)

So, here we are…we made it to December. Though this doesn’t yet mark a year since I started my blog, I still mark this as a milestone. I hit 19 1/2 years old. There is officially 6 months until my 20th  birthday! I look back on this day each year and wonder how I had the the strength to make it through this far. I feel that it is truly by God’s beautiful grace and wonderfully supportive family that I continue to thrive all my life. Everybody has always been here to support, encourage and love on me
 always. I absolutely adore my fabulous family and amazing friends.

You know, I’m always amazed by the vast love God has for me. And it never hits me more than when I think on how far I have come. I truly blows my mind to think that I continue to defy odds of my initial prognosis. That is truly by the grace of God. I couldn’t be greatful to God, truly. I’ve so blessed to lead the life I do. 🙂


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