The muscles of the spirit: hope, faith, strength & patience

Those of you who read often know that I talk a lot about the importance of having hope, faith, and strength in our lives.  Well that is true, but I never knew the truth of it quite as much as I did the other night. 

I was watching the show Private Practice on Netflix, watching season five to get caught up to where we are now in the series at the end of season six.  It was the end of another episode, called “Step One”.  When is the lead character, Addison, had said “You know it’s like watching a baby take her first step.She spent days, weeks, and months training her muscles for that moment. And it’s never that hard again.” So, the therapist asked her, “And what muscle have you trained in this instance.” The episode closes when she answers,”Hope.”

That really got me thinking… because just as everyone has to  train and exercise their muscles to stay fit, they also have to train up these “muscles of the spirit”: hope, faith, strength and patience. (There eare many more, those are just ones I could think of.)

You know, just like a walking, they don’t just know how from birth. They have to get stronger and learn to walk. We don’t pop out with strong “muscles of the spirit” either. Those are things we must learn. Some are inscribed in genetic make up. While others have to be learned. Just some food for thought.


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