Christmas, New Year’s, 2 followers, back to school…and so much more, oh my!

forHey Guys! I feel so blessed with how my family’s Christmas and New Year’s went. Can I just say, I am so glad 2012 is past us. I mean, don’t get me wrong, last year was a beyond blessed year for all of us. It was just challenging. But then again, what year doesn’t hold it’s own set of unique challenges?  We never know what God has planned for us. He can change our lives one second to the next if He wants. But I’m not worried. Because I know whatever God has planned for my family we’ll make it through cause He’s got our back. That I know for definate sure! 🙂

So I’m super excited to revisit our holiday memories and tell about them.:) Christmas is always fun for me and my family. My mom and aunt alwayhs work at making any holiday big. But Christmas, Easter, our Birthdays and Thanksgiving always seem to be blowout celebrations. So this was
Christmas. This year Christmas had to be spilt into two occaisions. Christmas morining and what we called “To Be Continued Christmas”.We because, my brother (CJ) and his girlfriend Rachel (Tennesee) went to visit her family who all live in Tennesee.

Ok… so that I don’t confuse anyone… my brothers CJ and Billy (I call him Jacob) are both in relationships with girls named Rachel. So one day to keep them staight, my aunt said to CJ, “So how’s Tennesee?” And it’s just kinda stuck in my head that way… Anyways, they left at like 11 a.m. Christmas morning so it was kinda rushed. And some of my  siblings (I don’t remember who) had to work. So there it was thought to spilt Christsmas. So overall, great Christmas! I loved it!! 🙂

New Year’s was a bit tough for me personally. I laid on the couch with a sore body most all night. It was not an easy. But it turned out ok cause when I was put in bed I slept through the night. 🙂 That’s a great night for me.

On others happy notes the blog now has 2 followers! 🙂 I was checking the on here just because I bored one day and to check the pageview count for my facebook page: Anyway, so I was shocked to find my followers count is also growing. 🙂 Thank you for your support and God bless. ❤ 🙂
In other big news, I’m finally headed back to school af6ter a long time off for medical reasons. I should be excited but more then anything I’m nervous. I thin2k there’s a couple ressons for this. Number one, my JC just opened two new campuses. Two closer to where I live so me and my siblings don’t have to travel out of town for school. Good news, but I am use to the layout of the out of town campus. So it’s new territory, so that’s the biggest reason.

Number two, all my friends go to the out of town campus. Ok so, even I know that’s a silly reason. But it’s important to me. Also, there’s not a bus that (to my knowledge goes out to the campus closest to my house. So I’m stuck in my manual wheelchair. And that can get very uncomfortable on my dislocated hip and and back for so long.

But, other than these things, (which I know will work themselves out ultimately), I’m thrilled to  thbe back on track toward my degree. 🙂 Also, this term I’m not trying to navigate this alone. Savannah and Robert (her boyfriend) have agreed to take all my all my same classes. To keep all of us on track together, to help me out, and because it would work out better to take all the same classes anyhow all together.


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