The importantce of reflection

I’ve officially made it through the 1st two weeks of classes in this new semester in school. And so far I’m enjoying my classes with Savannah and Robert. Though my Spanish class is among my 3 remaining classes, and the most difficult for me. I’m even finding what there is to be enjoyed in that class. So, overall everything is turning out a success and even enjoyable. Which I thank God that every thing’s going smoothly and all my first fears finally at ease.

Anyway, lately I’ve done a lot of self reflections. Especially as Monday marks one year of blogging for me. I have done a lot of reflection on that. Like how far it has come, how many lives I’ve touched through my writings and, (what might be the most important), my own personal growth (in many ways) that have come out in my writing. You may be asking, “well, why is reflection so important to her?”

Well, cause I feel that if we don’t spend time reflecting on the times and lessons that are within our past, there would be nothing to learn from or enjoy about life. I have also spent a lot of time thinking and reflecting on how fast my nephew has grown up and what a pure joy he continues to be in my life. Since he was born I have said he is my heart and my angel. And he always will be. Reflecting on his little life always brings my heart so much joy. I often start thinking about that when he does something new or gives me the biggest hug. With the traditional thought, “how did we get here so fast?” And then I find myself saying a small prayer in my head. This one’s always the same. It goes:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for this baby and the miracle he is in all of our lives. Thank you for the young man he is becoming. Thank you for the heart you have given him. May he never loose want to be kind, loving and helpful to all in need. And always let him know he is loved by all who love him. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

So, my final thoughts. Everyone never forget to make memories with those close to you. And never forget to reflect on them and share them. Because memories are like pictures, they’re worth a thousand words.


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