Thank you Lord… today is one year!

Today, I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed me to keep my heart and mind open, in the processes of bringing this blog (filled with my every emotion on a variety subjects) to this world. It by no means has been an easy thing, facing the vulnerability of this world head on. But by God’s many mercies and grace he has lead my head, heart and hands through the writings of every single post. And He is responsible for my overall successes with this project.

What an adventure it has been. Over the last year I’ve written to the sounds of Kenny Chesney, Casting Crowns, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Mercyme and many more artist’s voices. But I’ll be honest, I also drew a lot of this year’s writing inspirations from nighttime prayers, my family & friends, uplifting conversations of radio DJs Lauren Lee and Larry Wayne. As weird as it may sound I have gotten post ideas my dreams. and favorite shows, (mostly Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice). These and many more play a part. But God holds my every thought and 1 of my life’s secrets.

When I sit back and look at how much this impacts me personally, always what comes to mind first is my own personally struggles in this life. And then what comes to mind is how much more me and Christ are walking more hand in hand then ever before. Cause not just in this area, but every area in life I am leaning on Him more all around. Blogging the way I’ve been over this last year has taught me how to better give Christ my EVERYTHING. I look foreward to more posts to come. Thank you for all your ongoing support of this blog. God bless!


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