God knows exactly where we are, even when we hurt

So, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. Trust me for me it feels as if it’s been an eternity. The reason is our main computer is down.  So lately I’ve been super bummed out. We’re talking moping around my house status people, it’s bad…

Anyway, I was going to discuss today how it takes courage to be brave. And how despite the fact that, dictionary.com defines them as one in the same, I look at it as it takes courage to be brave. Because you can ‘talk the talk’ but it takes much courage to be brave and walk that walk or ‘practice what you preach’. And (believe me) it takes even more courage to admit when it is hard for you to ‘practice what you preach’.

Anyhow, as you can probably tell by the title, my brain made a total 360 turn. Because as I turned on my Brian Literal Pandora station, the song “Mercy Came Running” by Philips, Craig and Dean played. This went on as I began writing this very post. By the first chorus I knew my post would go in a new direction. And lately with my depression, (over more then just the computer malfunction) and overall stress has climbed, I’ve felt awful and like no one else could possibly know any of what has troubled me. That is when the the words, And when I could not reach mercy, mercy came running to me came over the radio. Then and in  that 2 second blurb of those words I realized once more that God knows where we are,even when it causes us pain in this life.

To hear the MERCY CAME RUNNING click this link: http://youtu.be/VpodVp6LH8s


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