Good morning all…Not! :(

Exhaustion, pain, it seems as though it is endless. I swear there’s some days where I just can’t find the strength to get out of bed. There are even days where the prospect of trying to get homework done, (or even to school for that matter), seems daunting. Like today for example, no I do not have school  but I do still have a mountain of Spanish homework to try and climb before class tomorrow. All of this on top of legs that won’t stop spasming and causing me pain. Oh and the ever present added bonus of overwhelming  exhaustion. And top of my “normal” body aches and pains, I have the ever present and ever painful added bonus of a dislocated hip… oh the joys of waking up with  cerebral palsy every morning…NOT! For those of you who wonder to yourself, “well doesn’t she take pain medication for these things?” Yes, but the medication makes me even more tired! Cycling through the exhaustion faze once more… Oh joy! 😦 I hope you all have a better start to your morning then what I have had to mine. Enjoy your day all!


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