A busy week… And March is CP Awareness Month! :):)

Hey guys! So I’ve had a busy week. This week included school (of course),I got back into choir after 3 years of not going and it was the beginning of March. Which marked the beginning of CP Awareness month.
First, I’ll tell you about my adventures back into choir, this week. So, as I’ve said, it has been 3 years since I have sang in the choir at my church. I was told that I have a permanent spot in the choir so it wasn’t really hard to go back in that fact. What was really hard however, was having to be pulled away for so long, due to a stream of unfortunate events. My grandma’s passing was probably the biggest 1 in 2010. However, there were smaller ones like car troubles, and not having a vehicle to transport me in my wheelchair. Which honestly, is still the case today. But at least we have public transit buses that can come out to my house occasionally. But, even those are hard to get at times. Honestly it would be much easier if we could get a handicap van. But it seems anything we try always falls through, so is anyone has any other ideas how to acquire 1 please let me know.
Anyway, all that aside, I did make it to choir practice on Thursday and to sing with the choir on Sunday. I came in the door in the choir room and they were happy to see me on Thursday night. Which is a relief. They’ve been part of the force pulling for me to get back into  church choir. The other big players in the return to choir have been my parents.  My mom & auntie love to see me active in our community. I’d thought for a while that getting back into choir wasn’t going to happen. But thankfully, with the love and support of my family, it has! 🙂
So, when I have made up my mind Thursday afternoon that I was going to go to choir practice, I called my mom and said “could you please try and set up a dial a ride for tonight? I’d like to try to go to choir.” When she got all giddy happy and said, “I can see what we can do”, I knew it would probably happen. Because, all medical problems aside, I could hear she was happy to hear me say that I was gonna do something fun for myself that night. So here I was getting picked up from school and suddenly found myself so happy to be doing something fun on a weeknight. That normally I would be spending the night down in my bed resting giving into exhaustion and overwhelming amounts of pain.Anyway, I made it to church that night had a blast! And on Sunday, I was welcomed with open arms by every one of my choir members and many members of the worship band on stage with us. and I’m not too sure, but I think choir director, Mark might have announced my return to the entire church. Because all my choir members and worship band were making a lot of noise on stage before service. so that is this week and weekend events.  And last but not least, it is that time of year again. March is CP awareness month! So whatever you’re doing wherever you are, remember this month to buy a green band of some sort to show your support for CP. In fact,  if you visit  http://www.bravelets.com that is the site that you can search under ’causes’ ‘traumatic brain injury’ you’re that off to the left hand side is the whole list again of causes the site supports. It will be off to your left hand side right below a who list of Colors. click ‘cerebral palsy’, and you will see 3 different bracelets options. They are $35 a piece. With $10 10 dollars going towards CP research and other CP causes. One bracelet in particular goes towards United Cerebral Palsy (UCP). These bracelets can be bought any time of the year and still 10 dollars is donated towards CP causes and United Cerebral Palsy.


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