Even best laid plans can change on a dime

YHey Guys!
So, as you can see I gave the blog another face lift. šŸ™‚ I don’t know why I just like a new look every now and then. But honestly I’m going to leave it as is now, because I love all the pink and its water color look and everything is completely legible.

Anyway, today (Friday)Ā has been a really trying day for me. I knew it would be, but it turned completely on its head. My appointment was cancelled and rescheduled unexpectedly. I expected going to be moreĀ  difficult. But actually hearing it was cancelled was absolutely devastating to me, asĀ it was long awaited for me and my parents. But we’re very grateful to have the appointment rescheduled. And it’s like auntie reminded me in mist of the shock, she said, “we have to remember God’s timing is perfect.” She’s absolutely correct!Ā This is something I have to entirely give control over to God. He has to be the driver here. Not just the driver though, He must be the drawer of my path always. Not just here in this instanceĀ but always. SoĀ though it will be difficult at times, I’ll continue to practice giving what happens back to God and trust in HimĀ and pray often for His guidance in all of it.


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