Two years of blogging…. and SO much more!!!

Well back on January 12th 2014 the blog surpassed the 2 years old!! Thank you all who read this! It means the world to me!

So, when I last wrote, I was about to see my surgeon for a consult on my dislocated hip. And eventually we did get in to see him. But the news was both unpleasant and a bit shocking to hear. He ran a set of xrays when we were first called back… that part was nothing new. Practically every doctor I go to wants 1 more set of xrays… “big whoop” right? That’s what I thought. Well this set would be a bigger “whoop” then even  I could imagine….

When the scans came back, the doctor and we were stunned. It appeared my leg bone had rubbed against my pelvic bone so much that the socket no longer exists. So in short, there was nothing and is nothing to be done for my dislocation. I was absolutely devastated. Because of course, my hip condition is very painful.

What more is there to do after you get that kind of news? All you can do is move forward with your life. So that is exactly what we’ve done. And a lot has happened since that time.

For starters, I was referred finally to a pain management clinic. So that is a positive. Second,   although I’m not going back yet, I’ve decided to go back to school as soon as I can. And lastly, on the family front, back in late June, CJ and his wife Rachel made an exciting announcement. Come mid February, they’ll have their first child! ♥ That’s right, I will be an Auntie! And of course, I’m thrilled for them and so super excited. 🙂

Jacob left for his college in late August. He’s been home twice since. Once for only a week for Thanksgiving weekend. Then again for Christmas break for quite a while. He’s since began the new semester and is doing well. Savannah and Robert are still at our community college. They’re both still working on their associates degrees. Paradise is now going to school to an EMT. And Spencer is a senior in highschool this year. So that is a brief summary of our busyness and upcoming events. It all should be tons of fun. Can’t wait! ♥:-)


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