It’s been a blessed and busy time

Hello conquerers!

I’m finally posting an update. it’s been a while so let’s backtrack. Last time I posted, it was just after my younger brother Spencer’s birthday & my niece had just been born. We had gotten a new dog, and I was as thrilled about all this as any one person could be. ♡

Since then, we’ve gotten
another dog, a rescue named Duke. He’s a Chihuahua mix I think. All I really know is he’s a small dog and is really sweet. 🙂

The family front is really busy as usual around here. But at the same time we’ve been extremely blessed. My beautiful niece is now 7 months old. And I have to say being an aunt is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Watching her grow, change,  & have her sweet personality is more rewarding than I can explain. 🙂 Me and everyone else are continuing to stay busy. Some in school, some working & some are continuing with a busy keeping a hectic schedule and doing both. While my parents are busy juggling my littlest brother, myself and the 2 dogs.

Oh yeah, and did I mention in all this craziness and my time off from writing, Savannah and I had our 21st birthday. Jacob had his 19th birthday. My littlest brother had his birthday. And my eldest brother had his 1 year wedding anniversary & Spencer graduated highschool. This was all in the early summer months.

And now, we’re back into September. This means yet another busy birthday month’s hit. We’ve got 5 all back to back up until the first week of October. So, fun, fun, fun just lies in this upcoming season for our family.  and hopefully so too does update posts. But unfortunately, I can’t make any promises. Don’t lose faith guys! Eventually, you’ll hear about it! 🙂 I just have to find the time.


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