A fun weekend of babysitting and birthday parties

Hi guys!
I hope everybody’s weekend was fantastic. This past weekend was jam packed full of excitement for me and my entire family. Saturday was spent babysitting a friend’s one year old. And then that evening we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. Sunday my siblings and I pulled off something nearly impossible around here. We threw a suprise birthday party for my aunt. and believe you me keeping that a secret from her for weeks was not easy. simply because my aunt is a lot like Dr. Bailey off of Grey’s Anatomy. She knows everything that goes on around this house. All of us were worried that the secret would be blown in one way or another. but when she arrived at a local park in our area, she was completely surprised. We had pulled it off! I guess you could say that proved to her, and to the rest of us, that when we put our minds and our hearts together toward one cause we can do something pretty dang amazing!
The afternoon in the park was so great for everyone. there was laughter, photos, birthday stuff, fun to be had and even joyful tears shed. everything was great and everyone was happy. 🙂 The afternoon couldn’t have gone any better! ♥ 🙂


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