Updates and more part 2

Hey y’all!

So, this is updates part 2. And for this one I’m gonna completely rewind the entire year,  the best I can.  Because I know mt posts have been few and far between.
      So, December and January were crazy around here. during that time we were watching a a friend’s baby a lot but because of that we even better holiday I think. During that time Jake was in is not a place for our local theatre. But I wouldn’t be expected of anything more nuts and busy. Through that time we also got to spend a lot of time with my older brother CJ, his wife Rachel and their daughter Ava. Who at that time was around 7 months old. Now she is about 15 months and such a joy to be around. 🙂
      On the front of my sisters, they are definitely setting the stage I think for what I really wish a relationship would look like for me.  They are always supportive of their boyfriends, Robert and Brian. And they never let obstacles or the fact that they are bored with their current classes in school, or work stop them from achieving their dreams. Around January of 2014, Paradise started an EMT course. And by March, she had completed her course and was moving towards classes in nursing assistance. She has since started looking for classes needed. And is planning on attending classes in the Fall. Savannah on the other hand, was working towards graduation in early January 2014. Her graduation would soon take place in May of 2015. While in the midst of all of the normal graduation chaos. She had nearly finished her General Ed credits, with a degree in social and behavioral sciences, by January 2014. She has since graduated with a associate’s degree in social and behavioral sciences. with a associates degree in social and behavioral sciences. She does however have plans to finish some kind of classes in the upcoming fall… But at this moment I cannot remember what those classes are for.
      While my sisters and brothers siblings are staying busy with classes and work, I still aspire to be able to make my dreams come true however that happens for me. Unfortunately though I have not been able to be back on campus for a while because of medical needs. So as of yet we are looking for other options. So that I can be on to the classes that will help make my dreams come true. So everyone please please keep me in your prayers that however I finish my classes it is able to happen for me the way it is supposed to happen. Thank you to all.
     Ok so, on to upcoming and exciting stuff. In the upcoming months there is 9 birthdays August- December.:-) school starts for all those of us who are in school. And another holiday season in the middle of it all. It should be fun!


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