Big blessings! God has really provided His gracious favor lately! :)

What’s up Conquerors?!

     So, lots of blessings have fallen in to place for me and the family lately. First off, all of my brothers continue to do fantastically in their latest endeavors. Which honestly, fills my heart with so much joy for them, it’s indescribable. What can I say, I’m just a super proud sister. My sisters are also doing very well still. 
     All 3 of us sisters are keeping ourselves incredibly busy with what is happening with church, schooling, and so many other things. As always, this family just keeps going, ever & always leaning on God with every move. 
 In the chapter of me, I’ve been able to be so much more active. 🙂 One of my most often prayed for things, God has blessed me with! Recently, my parents were blessed to be able to get a van which can more easily transport me and any of my equipment needs. Hallelujah, all thanks & praises be given to the King! I am prayerfully hoping that the next steps are to move towards a license and accommodations to be able to drive. So that even more freedoms can be achieved.
  Still, I have my daily struggles & pain. So please whenever you think of me and my family, would you please pray for us? It would be a huge help & gift you’d give us. I am not the only disabled person in my home. And several others in our home have some other complex conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, & diabetes. So all of the whole family could use your prayers. 🙂 Thank you all in advance for your prayers. ♥
     Anyway, honestly, with a disability those things come with the territory, & sometimes those things can suck worse then bad. I’m not oblivious to that or ashamed to admit to the difficulties in my life. Because honestly, I know that somewhere on this planet, there is someone who will benefit from my testimonials on this blog.  
     But despite the trials, I do realize my many prayers are being always heard and forever answered. Which is why I can say that through prayer my goals are becoming attainable.  It will not always be in what I believe to be a most  “timely manner”, or even the way “I foresee it happening”. But I’m always sure the prayed for/about will happen, be healed or whatever the case  may be. Simply because I know that all of God’s timing is within His perfect timing & done His perfect way. No matter how odd or the “convenience level” God has control, a perfect plan with perfect works and timing.  Ok y’all, as it well after midnight, I gotta close here on this post. But I promise to be back, either by the Blogger app on my phone,or by computer soon. 🙂 
Goodnight conquerors. 
xoxoxoxo Sdslbwya! (Sweet dreams. Lord be with you all!)

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