A Sunday filled with fun!!! :)

Hey Y’all!
(Week of August 2, 2015)
     I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. Saturday was as normal, I went to church and sang with the worship team. Then, my mom & dad took me to the last day of our city’s fair/carnival. We had a blast! We saw lots of interesting shows, including a semi-local cover band performed. It was the Terry Sheets Band. I also played a round of my favorite carnival game, “Balloon Darts”. I kicked butt on that…as usual. And won a pink monkey, which I traded up for a big turtle with a pink shell. 🙂 At the end of the night, Mom, Dad & I rode all together on the ferris wheel. PS: Just say no to fair/carnival garlic fries…Yuck! This is how we celebrated mom’s birthday this year.
     Now, it’s back to business as usual. We all just relaxed at the house, once home from our fair venture. And celebrated how wonderful my mom is.  
     Jake called  to tell our mom happy birthday.
     In the coming weeks friends of our are getting married, we have a family member going away to school to follow their childhood dream of flying planes. Several more of us begin fall 2015 semester. My brothers won’t be home visiting all of us til about Christmas when we’re all on winter break.


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