Gianormous SUPRISE trip to See Zac Brown Band!

Hey Y’all

     Sorry it’s been awhile since my last update. You all have no idea just how nuts my world has been lately. For starters, my church music activity just ended, sort of. So my activity schedule has been a little hit-or-miss. Then my twin sister & her longtime boyfriend just got engaged. They set their date for a day coming up here soon. So wedding planning has been crazy, fast & furious. Lol. 🙂 My brothers are all doing great. Despite nearly all moving out, I am able to stay in contact with each of them pretty constantly. Which is great cause I miss them all like crazy! Then I’m trying to make plans for this summer’s activities already. I’m really hoping to take a trip to visit some friends during this summer break. But before then, we have to get through the holidays, which are bound to be busily crazy like always.
     Anywho, That’s all coming up very quickly. But this past weekend it was time to leave my busyness at home and spend a night as a normal care-free 20-something enjoying a night out. How did I unwind? With a surprise trip to a Zac Brown Band concert! My 3 sisters really wanted me to go with them. So they surprised me with a few tickets just before we were set to leave. And  let me tell you Zac Brown is amazing in concert! After the show, I went to get stuff signed and  met 3 of the band members! At that point I just about lost it. I couldn’t believe I was meeting 3 Zac Brown Band members. And then, to top it off, all 3 guys suggested I get a picture with them…That was the  “night made” moment. Happy belated birthday to me! It was an awesome gift and experience!!! 🙂

The whole band on stage

Ain’t he handsome?

Meeting 3 band membersxperiancxe
3 very nice dudes 🙂

Meeting the opening act
The Muddy Magnolias

More stage shots

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