Halloween Recap

Hey Y’all!
     I really hope everybody had a wonderful & safe Halloween. Well me & the family had a very busy, blessed, & fun Halloween. Yes I know, ‘blessed’ isn’t usually a word typically associated with Halloween. But, it’s a word I use, as I know God’s Favor was all over our Halloween this year. This year again my twin sister and her fiancé took me & my baby brother to our local pumpkin farm during Halloween Day. While there, my sister & her fiancé put me on the zip line they have there. 🙂 Yes people, I flew through a 300ft. long zip line, for  the first time EVER, on Halloween this year! It was one of the many highlights to the holiday this year. After we’d done all the fun stuff there, we ended this year’s trip with a hay-less hayride around the farm… 🙂 The reason the ride was hay-less is because the trailer had a ramp and 2 spaces for wheelchairs. We all had a blast!
     After the pumpkin farm, we drove to our church to get ready to assist with the downtown event, the church & my sister-in-law organized. My aunt & I ran “Trunk-or-Treat” out of two of the family cars along with several other volunteers who ran it out of their cars as well. We had “Trunk-or-Treat” running for at least 1 entire block of our downtown area. We met & fellowshipped with over 2,000 families.


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