A short note of food for thought….

I hope everyone had blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays. I know the family & I did.
  God just knew how to best bless our family in this the season of giving. And I have the greatest feeling that our blessings during during these holidays, that was only a snippet of the blessings yet to come, ones that He has perfectly prepared to bestow on us just in this time in His perfect way. What those are? I haven’t a clue. When will they take place? Only He knows.These blessings will only come to light, in 1 of 2 ways.
One, we see them happening, while just knowing He has had His hand in it the whole time. Or two, we realize a blessing in something having already taken place, but something later surfaces to make us recall what an amazing blessing had just hit. Never take your blessing for granted.
Food for thought…


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