Crazy Busy, Exciting Fun Times

Hi Guys!
     So I’m back after taking time off the blog to enjoy some unclouded family time. Recently, Mom, Dad & I have taken more adventures. We took a trip to Bridgeport for Valentine’s Day. It was beautiful. My dad even figured out how to get me down to the beach area, where Mom & I collected a lot of rocks to be able to finish decorating my beach themed room. 🙂 ❤
     My Valentine’s Day gift from Mom & Dad was tickets to see TobyMac, Finding Favour, Britt Nicole, & Colton Dixon, on the “Hits Deep Tour”. The concert was awesome! 🙂 And even though the concert was out of handicapped seating, we were seated on the top level of the concert arena. Our spot fit my powerchair perfectly. And our view was great, although the pictures are blurry & they reflect how great our view was. So a friend who was there with some other friends of ours, shared with me the photos she got. Here are some tips I have if you’re disabled & you enjoy attending concerts.

  1. Ear plugs are a Must {for me} they prevent your ears from ringing afterwards)
  2. If you are light-sensitive bring sunglasses 
  3. If you are going to be in weather or have bad circulation be prepared. (we took a jacket, extra socks, pajamas & several blankets along for me.)
  4. If no handicapped seating is available, get the tickets for the top row. And sit in the seats just before the aisleway. 
  5. If it’s a wide aisleway, park your chair as outta the way as possible. 
  6.  If sitting the whole event in your chair, get as close as possible to your party’s seats. (leaving aisleways clear & open is essential always.)
  7. Most of all…Enjoy yourself! 

     Hmm…What else has been going on? I also started to groups at church not too long ago. One is a weekly college age ministry. While the other is a ministry for single people at the church. The funny thing is I am the youngest attendee in that group. Lol. Nevertheless, I love both groups & I am enjoying those ministry times.

     Valentine’s is also a even more blessed day in our lives. It is my gorgeous niece Ava’s birthday. 🙂 This year my little”Bear” turned 2! To see her so happy the day of her celebration, brought my heart such joy! I love her so much. I love spending time with my happy, sweet, loving, gentle little &  I get to call her my niece makes me praise God even more for the blessings He gives us in life. I am so certainly grateful, privileged, and blessed beyond measures that sweet Ava is my precious niece. Thank you Jesus for Ava. She is so smart, beautiful, loving, gentle sweet girl.<3 I love you Bear!! ❤

Additionally, March is CP Awareness Month! So how will you celebrate?


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