Easter Recap

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a very happy & blessed Easter holiday. Ours was very blessed family filled, yet and still relaxed and laid back. Good Friday and Easter this year have certainly been a time of much reflection for me. As we’ve  followed many of our Easter traditions. I sat back to take pleasure in the many ways my family & I are so abundantly blessed.
     As with most Easter week things the family and I watched Easter specials during the week. This year we watched, Tyler Perry’s “The Passion” on Palm Sunday. It is a present-day interpretation of the telling of Jesus’ last days on earth.
      If you have a hard time understanding the events leading up to and telling about The Resurrection, I highly recommend you get a copy of “The Passion” and watch it. You will begin to better understand that story. It was amazing to watch and finally, personally, understand that very important Bible story. It finally helped me realize that the suffering which Christ endured is truly beyond our understanding. But it is made just a smidge easier by retellings like “The Passion”.
     On Good Friday, like with most Fridays, I attended my singles church group. As a way of celebrating Jesus’ sacrifice, we watched the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”.This one is the, rather graphic, retelling of Christ’s crucifixion & resurrection as directed by and starring Mel Gibson. This as well is a powerful, amazing retelling that leaves me speechless. ❤


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