My summer so far, it’s been crazy

Hey Guys!
     So I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months, because simply put I haven’t had the time. I have been far too busy. Between doctor visits, going to summer get-togethers, redoing my room…geez! this list could go on for the whole post. Lol. The point is, this is my first moment I’d had to update the blog, and to do so without a clouded head of unnecessary worries or a “to-do” list that is 10,000 miles long. And as always, I am feeling terrible that it’s been that long…honest and truly. Thank you to everyone who has hung in tight with me. I love you all.
     So here’s a little snippet of how my summer’s gone thus far…
     As it always does the summer began with birthdays. My youngest brother’s is first, then mine and Savannah, and Jake’s falls within the first week of June. And my “Heartiversary” is June 26 each year.

   So I celebrated with a Facebook post. This is something I try to do every year since Facebook first was a thing. Why? Well, because so little is known about the heart defect I had. In fact, it’s not usually classified as a CHD. Except in cases like mine. Cases where Double Aortic Arch or Double Arch, (DAA) is life threatening.
     Anyway, June ended with the start of my latest stretch of miles on this journey. I ended June with a long-awaited visit to the Urologist. I was wanting to find a solution to needing help in the restroom. One that would allow for me my full independence that I once had when I was much younger. So upon researching for literally 1000’s of hours and many years… we were finally there at that very first “is this a possibility?” visit. That was during the last weeks of June. Now, we’re in the first weeks of July, in fact, just pasted the 4th. Happy 4th of July Everybody!

Anywho, long story very short & 3 consultations down, I’ll soon undergo a Mitrofanoff Procedure within the first week of September. But in preparing for my surgery, I’ll try to keep everyone/everything going. just hang on for this part of the ride, it’s bound to be interesting…at the very least. So, come along with me…won’t you? I’ll update more as I can. I love you all.
~Keep The Faith Y’all!~


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