Surgery countdown continues: We are down to 1 month and 2 days! 😊

Hey guys!
I haven’t updated in a while. Because as I stated when I posted in July things are insanely busy getting ready for surgery. As I said before my surgery will be first week of September. Meaning that we have 1 month and 2 days from right now till surgery day. I had my ups and downs of emotions concerning it and the realities of everything I’m going to go through, really ever since the first Urology visit back in June. I don’t know I guess my nerves have been all over the place because I’m walking into the unknown… so to speak.
     While the resident told us that I was an ideal candidate for this procedure and so too did the surgeon himself. There’s still a very long road ahead filled with its own hurdle of ups and downs. In prepping for surgery my family and I are redoing almost everything about my daily life. From redecorating my bedroom too making sure medications and normal schedules are on target. It’s been an insane roller coaster already…
     And this all BEFORE I have even had the procedure! While I’m excited because it means a new chapter in my life and new adventures to come… My nerves just won’t leave me alone. 😕 So basically this is what I’ve had going on since I last posted. Not much actually. I am having to forgo a lot of last minute summer events to prioritize my prepping everything over fun. But let’s all face it adulthood is far from fun sometimes because priorities have to come first. That is why they’re called priorities right? Lol 🙂 but here is a few fun at home things that have happened since my last post. My brother Spencer came home to visit for like a week. And that was fun knowing he wasn’t out of state for that time being. But part of it was a bummer because we didn’t get time just the two of us to do something cool and fun. I watched Savannah’s dog well she went to one of our best friends’ wedding. That was fun because Duke is always sweet and super watchful and protective over me while my  sister is on vacation even if they’re short ones. So I got to spend time with him cuddles and play time and stuff. 🙂 I hear from my brother Jake every couple of days, and last I heard I was a little bummed. Because of work and school he is unable to be home before and even for a while after I have surgery. 😦 But oh well. He will just have to see me the next time he gets home on a break when I’m truly at my best and independent in this area. 🙂 I have almost completed the design and layout I want for my room that as I mentioned in the top of this post we are currently in the process of redecorating.:-) as for any of the rest of it I just have to go with the flow and trust that God has me in His hand. Easier said than done when you’re walking into something basically blind  as to what to expect.
     But the greatest blessing in all of this is that I will not just hopefully be able to do for myself by the end of it. But more than likely be able to do for myself by the end of it. And that is something to truly celebrate. It’s almost as if surgery date is a brand new birthday for me of sorts. It just so happens that all these celebratory days that I have accumulated, out of them all 2 fall on the 7th day of the month in which they happened. For instance I was baptized on July 7th 2009. I will go through this surgery on September 7th 2016. As for now guys I really have no more update. Hang in there with me to see how this all plays out. And I will try to keep it as updated as I can. Love you all. ❤

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