Headed Out of Town Tuesday Night

Hey All.
     So as you know from the last post, things are busy with surgery being just a few days away now. Preparing is in full force. In fact the  decision has been made to head out on Tuesday night & stay in the city. We are staying close to to the hospital for the night before, because, our home is nearly  100 miles round-trip from the hospital. And I have to be checked in at the hospital by 8 a.m. PST Wednesday morning for surgery at 10 a.m. PST. For those of you who I  will be praying for our travel, my surgery, the surgeon himself, the speedy recovery, Etc. There’s the exact date and times that we know of thus far. Thank you in advance for any prayers & positive  thoughts that may be  heading our way during this process of surgery and its recovery period. Any and all are greatly appreciated.
      It was estimated that I’ll be in the hospital for about 7 days after the operation. Then we were given the estimate of 10 weeks of  bedrest once I get home from surgery. My family and I pray that I have a lot quicker recovery than the estimate time frames given to us though. And so if you want to know what to pray for most, that is probably what I would ask you pray for most of all. Additionally, I ask that you please pray for my whole family during this newest part of my CP journey. The Mitrofanoff definitely is a God sent blessing to me and my family. With that being said, the procedure comes with a great deal of an adjustment period for everybody. It is still going to be the 5th time in 23 years that my parents have handed me over into the care of a surgeon. And I don’t imagine it gets any easier each time.
     Also everybody pray that this time is easy for my married & outta state siblings. It is hard on me knowing they are all working and cant be with me Wednesday morning before surgery. But I can only imagine it hardest on them in one way or other. Especially for Savannah, my twin sister. It’s always been very hard on her to see me in pain like the pain that arises post-op of any procedure. Especially if I am medically vulnerable or even more medically needy afterwards. I remember from  last time she said that made her so upset to see me hurt and there wasn’t anything she could do. I know when she is helpless to help my hurt stop that makes her heart hurt so bad. 
   Even though they know, as do I that, I’ll sail through. This is for my independence, it isn’t life and death. I still want all my family & friends to be at peace the day of surgery. We all know I’m in the best hands possible for the surgery. But all that said, it still is surgery. And I don’t want worry on that day, from anyone me or anyone else. I know I am God’s girl & I am in his hands Wednesday morning. 🙂 That is why I am choosing to give God the glory that is due for getting me this blessed opportunity. I am choosing to thank Him for placing with the best hands possible to do this work on me. And whatever the outcome, through it all I will praise God & thank Him. As I always do, for blessing me so abundantly, and bathing me in showers of His unfailing love, captivating grace, and last but certainly not least, I will spend time during this time in my journey, thanking Him for blessing me with so many mercies as far and wide as the oceans and seas are deep. May you all be blessed in this coming week, I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!
I hope you all will hang tight in this roughest part of this journey thus far. I will update if and as I can within this week if I am able. Thank you & I love you all. Will post again as soon as I am able.

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