And it’s a blessing in disguise : )

Hey All.
September 7th-9th 2016
     I’m sure many of you are wondering how I’m doing, as today would have been 2 days post-op. Well I am home. They haven’t operated yet. The  surgeon canceled my surgery Wednesday. Dr Kurzrock pushed it to the month of November. There was a problem with one of my test results and so they had to send me home from pre-op. So now I am home. Trying to get through the depression phase of not yet having surgery. But it is a blessing in disguise guys.
     My family and I are in the midst of trying to move. So surgery now would have been a nightmare. Well surgery will  be rescheduled until after the move that means my family can be fully focused on getting is all moved now. And then when surgery does roll around again, my family can be entirely focused on my needs and what needs to happen in it state of recovery for me to be able to recover as fast as possible but also as safe as possible.
     Not to mention now i will have a open procedure. The only real downside to the change to an open procedure is that it means a longer  hospital stay than anyone anticipated… and consequently a longer recovery period and bed rest period… Yes… if you haven’t figured it out already I absolutely hate any mandatory bed rest… 😦
But whatever is necessary to make my surgery successful past the 80% success rate that we were given I will do it. 🙂 Hey what can I say?… if you’re desperate for independence people….you  do anything for it.
Update: September 19th 2016.
Hey All.
      So, my hope is that the team doing all they can to help  this next go-around at surgery to be successful. But me and the family are in a holding pattern between us and the doctor’s office. As far as I know they haven’t called us in for an appointment yet. But I wanted to let you know that I’m pretty much past the whole depression phase of not having the surgery last time. I’m in a better place to have it postponed we all know that and somehow I’m coping with it. And then doing as well as I can not to just be completely consumed by it all of it. I’m much happier now than I was when I typed the post above. I I can tell you that I cannot wait until this holding pattern brakes with the doctor’s office! I’m so ready to get this ball rolling again you guys have no idea. But here is what’s been going on since the post above… My  sister Paradise & brother CJ had their birthdays last week. My boyfriend & auntie have their birthdays this weekend.

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