It’s All Uphill From Here! :) (Recapping my Pre-op Visit)

Hey Wonderful Followers & Readers!
     Well my pre-op visit with my NP went great! As with last time it was a long exhausting day. That had us going to appointments in almost every department of the hospital. I felt like I was the center of an medical circus. lol. 🙂 Thankfully my boyfriend was there to help keep me calm through all the testing I did that day. The only thing left is my appendix,  renal system & abdominal cavity ultrasound scans, which can be done here in my hometown. This means I don’t have to go out of town headed towards my hospital til either the morning of surgery (very early) or my family has the option to room us at the hospital’s Ronald McDonald House a few nights before surgery. Whatever the case, after those scans, all tests will be in and filed just in time for surgery day. Oh, which reminds me…it isn’t the 4th y’all. The printout I have named the wrong date of my surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016. Not for Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.
     As me now, well meds & body preparation has begun. I cannot take any of my  anti-inflammatory meds or my vitamin D compound pill til post-op. Because, all of these have blood thinners in them. Also the Mitrofanoff Procedure requires that my family aids me with what they call a “bowel prep”. I promise I won’t go into too much details. But they want a “bowel prep” to sterilize your lower intestine. If a patient doesn’t have an appendix or for some other reason the appendix cannot be used as the catheter canal then a surgeon uses the patient’s lower intestine, (the bowel). So I have to do mine 5 days before surgery. And while minor, compared to the discomfort of my recovery, this part is guaranteed to be no fun… 😦 But I know I will get through it. And the thing that pushes me forward with this venture is the knowledge that  it’ll all be worth it when all’s said and done. 🙂
    Now, you may be wondering why is that I have been such an open book when posting about my upcoming surgery…Well in a nutshell here’s why. Up until attending my local junior college in fall 2012, I had always had an instruction aid to assist me with my needs, so I always had someone there to go to when I needed help with bathrooming no problem. But that accommodation dropped off as soon as I graduated high school. And so my sister & her (now) husband, whole-heartedly sacrificed a lot during that time to try and make sure I had all my care needs met, while also making sure I could be successful in school. But meet my needs and helping me to succeed began to derail their own educational path. So I eventually worked it out where I dropped everything except my 1 unit of PE. So I’d use the restroom before leaving home. And be back home before I needed to pee again. This was less than ideal as well. Because wasn’t making any progress towards my educational goals. I certainly wasn’t making any progress towards my huge career dreams.
    Therefore with lots of prayer, family discussions, & family support, the decision was made that I’d take medical leave from school until we were able to find a solution that was safe for me and I could be toileting  independently no matter where I was. So I hit my knees praying for an answer. Pleading with Him to have me be lead right to it.


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