Life Since Healing

Hey & welcome back readers & followers. For those who have ben reading and following since I began my Mitrofanoff Journey all the way back to January 2016… You know that that procedure unfortunately was unsuccessful. What’s more,it led to a host of complications that were nothing short of terrifying for both me and my entire family. The two most serious complications were c-diff that had engulfed my whole intestinal tract and sepsis that had reached my bloodstream. To read all about that and how I survived it by the grace of God, please read the Unplanned. Unexpected. Unforeseen. blog post. I have been as healthy as I can be since all of that nightmare ended. I’ve only had to have one procedure since all of that ended as well.

So, I know you are wondering so I’ve been since everything has finally healed up when life finally seem to iron out a bit. Well everything got a little smoother like I thought it would. But as soon as that storm blew over back to the same old craziness with a few added sprinkles of even more crazy. No I haven’t yet reached my goal of going back to school in order to get a degree in general education. However that is still my goal. My mom and dad and I have moved to a new house in a new town.

Now we have 2 new puppies. Lylah Rose, (Pronounced ‘Lie-luh’) is my Pithuahua (Pitbull Chihuahua) mix. She is my tiny little partner in crime. I take her everywhere I possibly can. We adopted her on Father’s Day weekend. And she’s been the light of my world ever since. ๐Ÿ™‚ But then, I was blessed again… Dixie Callaway, named for Callaway, Georgia. She came into my life. She’s a gentle-hearted, sweetly clumsy, purebred boxer. She’s the family cuddlebug. We plan to service train Dixie to eventually be able to be a service dog for me, so I can become more independent. ๐Ÿ™‚ My puppies were born 15 weeks apart so my mom calls them my Irish puppy twins. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are my babies and my whole world.  My Lylah RoseMy Dixie Callaway

Both dogs are cute & very sweet and they sure do keep us on our toes. they are on the go and busy from sunup to sundown. But they also bring a family so much joy and even more love than we could have ever imagined possible.

As for me, a lot is changing, the whole family moved out of the house I grew up in. Now we live once again in separate homes. So I now live in my mom and dad’s new house, in a new town. My aunt and her family lives 45 minutes from my house in a different town. Savannah &her family the only ones who still live in the town we all grew up in. I won’t lie, adjusting to a whole new town & new house, hasn’t been easy.

But, with the move has come a lot of opportunities for possibly regaining my independence. For example, by Christmas I’ll be receiving a new power chair. And around the same time, I am having a Baclofen pump placed in my back. The purpose of which is to reduce full body spasms all over the body. my family and I I hope that this will reduce spasms and pain related to the spasms. The hope is that if the spasms and pain are reduced, I can once again start bear weight to possibly take a few steps to walk with the help and use of a gait trainer , our greatest hope however is that I will be walking short distances in a gait trainer or on a walker by the end of the year! ๐Ÿ™‚

For these & many other things, there’s only one thing I ask, please continue to keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts ! I will update as often as I can. Which lately has not been very often and I apologize for that.

โ™ฅalways, Sammantha


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