World cerebral palsy Day 2017 (10-6-17)

Hello again to all my readers & followers. For starters I wanna say, Happy World CP Day 2017! Officially it was celebrated yesterday. World CP day is celebrated in October, on the first week in October every year. While CP awareness month is celebrated in the month of March. Furthermore,National CP day, celebrated in the USA on March 25th of each year.

Now don’t misunderstand me, just because I use the word celebrated does not mean that cerebral palsy is easy to live with. This disorder is a very difficult on the person that has it & their families and friends. I’m just a person who most describe as having a bubbly positive personality. Most of my friends & all of my family would say so anyway. I like to think it’s true. Because when I was recently in the hospital over a month last year, my family would visit the hospital and ask me how I was doing I would always respond with something to the effect of, “not great.” I apparently never had an answer like “horrible.” Even when I was having terrible days in the critical ICU. I apparently always kept positive outlook. and apparently even though most of my days are crappy, I always have that sort of attitude toward my circumstances.

But, if I’m being honest with you all and myself, I have to say I truly believe that was and is the grace of God working in my daily life than and now. That’s why I’m able to approach my circumstances so positively. My point is, life with CP is not easy. But life is not always about circumstances, it’s about how you can deal with those circumstances. You can either choose to approach life and circumstances with negativity and depression or you can choose to approach it with happiness and hope.


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